IBEX VENTURES Ltd provides financing to—so called—“early stage” ventures—i.e. a company that is in the first stage of its operations. IBEX VENTURES Ltd does partner with entrepreneurs from inception into later stages of business development, providing not only for financial support, but also for managerial know-how, legal knowledge and connections to other entrepreneurs and financiers

Seed and 1st Round Financing

Seed financing is the stage an entrepreneur goes through when the product or service he is working on is still under development and, thus, a long way from earning consistent revenues. At this stage an entrepreneur usually needs financing in order develop a—so called—"Minimum Viable Product” (or “MVP”). 1st round financing (or “round A financing”) occurs once the entrepreneur has exited the inception and testing phases and a MVP is already available to customers. While the seed financing stage is usually overcome thanks to family’s and friends’ support (so called “love money”), resources can also be provided by—so called—“angel investors” or specialized venture capital firms (so called “smart money”). At IBEX VENTURES Ltd we specialize in seed and 1st round financing. The amount of funds we provide to a single venture goes up to CHF 100’000 for the seed financing stage and lies between CHF 100’000 and CHF 500’000 at the 1st round financing stage.

2nd Round Financing (“Round B”)

Once a Minimum Viable Product (or “MVP”) has been developed and tested and the company has accessed the market, 2nd round financing (also: “round B financing”) is all about taking the business to the “next level”. The business is usually already creating revenues, but is not yet fully established and profitable and, thus, is unable to stay in the market. This is when 2nd round financing occurs in order to allow the business to grow into the next development’s leg. At IBEX VENTURES Ltd we do provide promising start-ups with 2nd round financing and, as for businesses being financed at the 1st round financing stage, the amount of funds we provide usually lies between the CHF 100’000 and CHF 500’000 marks. Should the financing need lie above the CHF 500’000 mark, we usually do syndicate with IBEX FINANCE Ltd, as a business entity specialized in more capital-intensive “later stage financing” rounds, but we may also syndicate with other venture capital (VC) or private equity (PE) firms.

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The blockchain is defined as an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record, not just financial transactions, but virtually everything of value in, both, the virtual world, and the real world. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) as a new decentralized infrastructure challenges in a fundamental way economic relationships and the legal system based on a hierarchy of norms. Thus, issues, such as the legal qualification of data-token, the requirements of data-token transfer, and the supervision aspects need to be dealt with afresh. At IBEX VENTURES Ltd we believe that the blockchain and—generally—DLT are going to change specific industries in the same way internet did change most of industries. In the light of these changes to come, we gather and distribute DLT competence across diverse industries, both domestically and internationally. Besides delivering strategic business advisory and financial viability assessments, our main activities are: legal assessment, technical-requirements assessment, advisory, networking and support.



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